To File a Grievance


A grievance is between a CTA unit member and an IVC administrator (President/Superintendent, Vice-President, or Dean) when the CTA contract is violated.

It is always good to ask your faculty Representative when in doubt of actions of your supervisor. (Please contact Here are some common concerns:

  1. Your teaching workload has decreased (In the contract, on pages 81-2, Article 15 section 3.1, it states the normal load is 15 hours a week spread over four days a week.)
  2. Tenure review timelines: page 43-64 Article 11   
    1. Committees meet at the beginning of each semester in Fall and Spring: page 48 section 11.4.1, page 53 section 11.5.1, page 55 section 11.6, and page 56 section 11.7 (other sections apply if following the modified timelines that begin on page 57 section 11.8); 
    2. Tenure committees must decide before March 15 upon a hiring recommendation: page 54 section 11.5.2, page 56 section 11.6, and page 57 section 11.7, page 59 section, page 62, and page 63-4
  3. Unprofessional conduct by an administrator: Non-discrimination page 9 Article 5, Safety page 25 Article 7 section 1.

Grievance form is available below.


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