To File a Grievance

Grievance form (3)_with tabbed fields

Grievance form in Word–Click to Open Form

A grievance is between a CTA unit member and an IVC administrator (President/Superintendent, Vice-President, or Dean) when the CTA contract is violated.

It is always good to ask your faculty Representative when in doubt of actions of your supervisor. (Please contact Here are some common concerns:

1.       Your teaching workload has decreased (In the contract, on page 78, Article 15 section 3.1, it states the normal load is 15 hours a week spread over four days a week.)

2.       Tenure review timelines: page 41-62 Article 14

a.       Committees meet at the beginning of each semester in Fall and Spring: page 47 section 4.1, page 52 section 5.2, page 53 section 11.6, and page 54 section 7 (other sections apply depending upon a modified timeline page 55);

b.      Tenure committees must decide before March 15 upon a hiring recommendation: page 52-3 section 5.2, page 53-4 section 6, and page 55 section 7.

3.       Unprofessional conduct by an administrator: Non-discrimination page 9 Article 5, Safety page 25 Article 7 section 1.





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