Where do my dues go?

On an annual basis, CTA dues for full-time faculty are $1,037.

Here is a breakdown of where the money goes:

$755 to CCA/CTA headquarters

$187 to NEA

$95 to IVC’s chapter of CTA of which $6.00 goes to the local Political Action Committee (PAC)

The total is $1037 annually in ten installments August through May, with no deductions in June or July.

What do you get for these dues?

Mostly what you get is a contract that protects and tries to improve your salary, benefits, and working conditions. Everything, including the PAC, works toward that goal.

In addition, there are numerous discounts on home and auto insurance, attorney services, life insurance, death and dismemberment insurance, and disaster relief.

There are also numerous travel and product discounts.

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