Meet your new Faculty Representative!

Beatriz Avila photo

     Beatriz Avila, the new IVC CTA Faculty Representative, said her biggest goal as your new faculty rep is to get faculty familiar with the contract.

    “Faculty should remember that they can always find the contract at the IVC CTA website to see if they are being treated fairly as to their working conditions,” she said.

    If a faculty member feels the contract is being violated, then look for the specific section of the contract that is not being followed and contact Avila.

    “I want faculty to know that I am there for them,” she said.

    Avila has been at IVC since 1996 when she began working as a Talent Search instructional specialist at Calipatria High School. In summer of 1997, she joined the Student Support Services Program as a part-time academic counselor, and in January 2000, she was hired as a full-time tenure track evening academic counselor.

     Avila, a native of Brawley, enjoys baking and collecting Precious Moments figurines.

Beatriz Avila




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